Artist statement

I believe landscape painting to be a vital and integral expression in the contemporary art scene. It is inspired by the past, yet defined by present environmental realities.

Essentially a realist, I incorporate strong undercurrents of romanticism into my work. In the romantic tradition, I seek to give my landscapes deep emotional meaning, manipulating them into emotional dream worlds through subdued brushwork and diffused light.

Although my subjects are largely familiar local scenes, they serve merely as a framework or vehicle for expressing the spiritual truths I seek. The works are largely unpopulated, quiet, still, emphasizing an inner peace or the spirit of each place. Aspects of the work indicate inspiration, eternal life, the passage of time, and the process of nature.

I am inspired by nineteenth century views on romanticism and communion with nature, and by the work of John Constable, Frederic Church, and Sanford Gifford.